PhD in humanities • anthropologist • philologist • translator

A graduate of the University of Warsaw and Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce (Poland). He completed his doctoral studies in the field of sociology and cultural anthropology (2013) at the University of Warsaw where he defended his dissertation at the Faculty of Humanities (2015) and is on the list of people who were awarded the degree of doktor (doctor) or doktor habilitowany (habilitated doctor) conferred by the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles. The most important research interests are linguistics, linguistic anthropology, anthropology of identity, youth anthropology, contemporary anthropology, popular culture, cultural semiotics, ethnography of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Kresy and Kresowianie (former Eastern Borderlands and their inhabitants), socioanthropology, cyberspace, sociology of media and contemporary culture. Author of many research papers, published in Poland and Ukraine. His most important works are: "Język Bunt. Tożsamość. Socjologiczno-antropologiczne studium empiryczne subkultury młodzieżowej rap" (Language. Rebellion. Identity. Sociological-anthropological empirical study of the rap youth subculture), Warsaw 2016 and „Popkulturowy all inclusive. Socjologiczno-antropologiczny szkic o szczęściu” (Pop-culture all inclusive. Sociological-anthropological sketch about happiness), Warsaw 2017. He has many years of experience in translations, sales, international trade and promotion.

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